What About?

m-PLY is…

Dedicated to discovering all the ways that the Future is already here with us…

Promoting and publicising the exciting change that’s within immediate reach…

Grounding conceptual capabilities with applied clarity and feasibility.

M-Ply promotes growth by cultivating the fertile ground that exists everywhere to nurture emerging ideas and innovations, and share the most edifying results .


Proliferate the ideas, info, and tools that can enable lively yet safe online presence, fluid social engagements and secure commercial interactions – all via private and fully secured identity.  Promote resources for all of us that don’t hamper inter-operable conveniences, and truly beneficial social living online and off.


In the spirit of promoting the freedoms and liberties afforded by a just, secure, and truly Public Network,  M-Ply wishes to contribute something beneficial to the far reaching potentials of virtually and veritably networked living. Not simply technology for the sake of commerce or immediate gains, but in a sustainable societal sense of what’s already good, or possibly made even better…


” The Future ain’t what is used to be”
– Yogi B.


What do you say ?

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