PR 2.2: Private Relations

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Social Media Buzzwords

Luckily for Users and Netizens everywhere, socialmedia is still more of a marketing buzzword than an applicable method. Most of the Marketing execs (and their contracted PR professionals) are still trying to wrap their heads around how to at least show value for their  ‘socialmedia” efforts, much less actually monetize them. As Consumers we’ve yet to see any particularly innovative uses for sociamedia, much less any initiatives that actually specify and drive the underlying protocols and standards employed by the various tools, forums, and arenas for social interactions. So as yet, the money-traders have yet to take over the temples…but we know that it’s coming.

So if you don’t count the widget of the week, or another 3rd party app/game that is rarely more than another way to gather userdata in exchange for yet another way to while away time at work or home.  Hardly the stuff that’s goign to change the way we transact and interact online…Or is it?

Take for example the persistent absence of any widely accepted and robust protocols for secured online “Identity”. For now we are still all floating around with multiple/repetetive “profiles'” or “avatars” with little to nothing to show online marketers in terms of valid identity, or history. At least not until we present credit card info during those still all too rare commercial transactions at the checkouts of various E-Commerce enabled portals. In short, we have no truly persistent markers or cookies following us around the Net, which makes it difficult to aggregate truly valuable data about ourselves, much less enrich our online experience in any meaningful way.

This is actually a positive observation, because the tools to manage our online identities ourselves have yet to be widely deployed, and the last thing we need as free Citizens are fully integrated players in either the Media, Communications, Networking, or Financial world performing these sacred duties on our behalf, and unbeknownst to us.

Socialmedia Servitude

Is Secure Identity a Right…Or a Commodity?

So for now we are free, though under-serviced. Aside from viral spyware, or a few underhanded apps on Facebook, we are relatively safe from the prying clutches of a fully commercialised socialmedia. In the meantime, we’ll hopefully gain access to much better resources to establish identity and assure privacy.

Perhaps at that point in some near-future, when we can feel assured enough of our secured place online (perhaps even to a greater degree than in the ‘real” world?), that we’ll start to consider our online activities to be a true extension and expression of our lives, and thus of Society around us. Rather than simply a very sophisticated medium for conducting semi-private conversations, and displaying scant 2 dimensional artifacts/pictures of ourselves from the real world.

It’s at this point that we’ll be able to start considering the true value of Public Relations 2.x, and ready ourselves for a full version upgrade on how we relate to the Governmental and Corporate interests that define our public lives, according to the social and interactive features that we would demand for full secured communities and relations in our private lives.

Stay Tuned Please


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